Saturday 29 April 2017

HO Scale Motorcycles

A 1942 Harley is now part of the display in the Bellows Falls parking lot.
The last meeting of our area group, The Railroaders was at Brain Smith's home. We had a nice look at his layout which included a display of motorcycles out on Main Street. Brian noted that some of these bikes were actually Christmas ornaments offered by Hallmark as their Keepsake series. Brian was a great host giving me a bike he had extra that would work on my layout...thank once again Brian...George Dutka

The little ring that is inserted in the fuel tank is removed before placing on the layout. A really nicely detailed machine.


  1. Things must be rough in White River Junction if the motorcyclists keep a Thompson submachine gun holstered on their rides! Nice looking model other wise.

  2. That's scale security...George