Thursday, 27 April 2017

Bellows Falls Platform Roofing

Lets take a second look at Bellows Falls station platform.
I got a comment about the roofing material the other day and thought I should say a few words about how it went together. I went through my stock of Styrene and found I had what I needed but it was not long enough and would have to be pieced together. I could have gone to the hobby show and picked up what was needed but when I built this structure I could not walk after rolling my ankle playing ball.

The pieces I cut fit together really well except I had to cut new ends as I messed up with my measurements. All the areas that was joined together was done using Canopy cement. I also used this glue as a filler where needed. It all looked really good so I decided to try something different painting the roof with dollar store acrylics, then adding the roof sheeting joints using a pencil. The last detail was some gloss on a few joints as patching. The roof got Bragdon powder soot as the only weathering applied...George Dutka

Here we see the three colours I mixed in as I went along. As one can see I just squeezed a bit of each colour on a piece of card stock and with this wider brush mixed it onto the brush as it is applied. It is random so the colour is close but not exact across the roof.
The styrene sheeting is not long enough but I pieced it together with minimal gaping.

I still have one piece to be added. I use strip wood for the supports.

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