Sunday, 2 April 2017

Visiting George Sellios Franklin & South Manchester Ry.

There is so much to take in that one can miss the little stuff like this car being worked on, or is that a dead body.  Note the bullet holes from the gangsters. My car fared better parked outside George's Peabody, Ma. layout location.
It was a year ago today that Peter Mumby and I visited George Sellios F&SM layout during the Fine Scale Expo. I  have yet to covered our visit on this blog, not because we did not get any photos but because I took too many and had no idea how to begin. George's layout has been covered many times and I know everyone has seen all of the overall scenes in MR and RMC. I can tell you George's layout is very impressive and better seen in person, and don't be in a rush. It is easy to miss a lot of what George offers up-close in his scenes and mini scenes. Peter and I may have overstayed our time but after about two hours I think we got a good look at most of it. The Expo offered a shuttle, but we chose to drive and spent the extra time.

Originally the Expo handout information said no cameras, but when we walked in Peter and I found everyone taking photos with phones and cameras. George was allowing his F&SM to be photographed. We hustled  back to the car and got ours out.

So back to the question, "what do I show you from our visit". I decided to show you what I enjoyed the most, the smaller details and scenes found around the buildings and on the roofing. So here goes part one...enjoy...George Dutka.

This is a great little scene. I love the idea of the worker on the roofing and all the clutter around the doorway.
A close-up of the roof being fixed. A really neat detail that makes one have a second look at a structure. It seems as every building is telling one a story.

On the station platform canopy is a low spot that George models puddles and pigeons drinking from it.
A zoom in on the platform roof.

Not many people would think to model a bridge that looks like this. We all want cars going over ours. I think this one looks great and am considering such a structure on the WRD.

Two views of a rooftop access which is littered with odds and ends. Note the pigeons. George uses a lot of pigeons for details on most of his structures.
A simple roof detail on one of George's buildings is some loose rubble that has collected in the angles.

This was an interesting scene worth modeling. An old unused loading platform is getting overgrown along with the tracks in the foreground.
And lastly the two George's. Peter Mumby photo.


  1. One thing that always strikes me about Georges layout is the number of little people and cars. That undertaking alone is a massive achievement!

    Thanks for the few scenes i haven't seen before.

  2. Your welcome Adrian, I too noted that his use of vehicles and pedestrians was massive...George