Monday, 3 April 2017

Visiting the Franklin and South Manchester Ry - Part Two

One of the many little shanties found on the F&SM.
Here we see more of the small stuff that I really enjoyed seeing. It has given me a lot of inspiration for my own detailing. Taking well over two hundred photos on this visit has given me much to choose from. I hope you enjoy the ones I have selected. The depth of field in some of the views is not the best, but without a tripod one does what one can...George Dutka

Now that is a full load.
This napper is lucky to find a tire on the roof for a pillow.

One of the many tool house shanties made from old rolling stock. This one I am thinking was scratch-built to resemble an old boxcar.
This one has a loading platform and a load of pigeons on the roof.

A New Haven style tower is boarded up. We mostly cover the openings with plywood sheets, but these boards randomly placed look really nice.
A lot of details are found outside this structure.

Looks like Lionel Land is present on the F&SM.

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