Monday, 17 April 2017

Bellows Falls, Vermont - Station Platform

An RDC arrives at the Bellows Falls platform on the WRD.
This past winter I finished and installed the station platform for Bellows Falls. It is mounted on a piece of Gatorfoam. I originally was going to add tar paper but the roof looked so good once I had it all glued together I just painted it with dollar store mix of black, white and brown. I added the seam lines with a lead pencil. Some gloss coat is used to add some repair lines...George Dutka

The station sign is a photocopy of the original found on the CVRHS Ambassador cover photo.

I built a B&M style train order signal for the platform then adding baggage and passengers.

An overhead view of the roof. I think it turned out pretty good as I just painted the styrene with a brush before detailing.
The CVRHS cover view that I copied for the sign. This view was a great help while building the model. The photo was taken by Dwight Smith in the early 1950's.

The eavestrough are made from code 70 rail cut to size. I used wire for the downspouts.

The platform is a busy place on this day.

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