Sunday 16 April 2017

Ian's Views of the B&M and CV

“B&M SW-1 1120 in Bellows Falls, Vermont during the summer of 1971”.Ian Stronach photo
Ian Stronach passed along more photos for us to view of the CV and B&M. I will be posting these over the next bit between modeling posts. Ian is also a modeler, modeling urban Montreal, CPR. Enjoy Ian's views...George Dutka

This photo was taken by Ian's friend Dave Clark. B&M 119 looks well worn by this point. This weathering job might be a chore to emulate, the engine is clean...must have had a bath, but has a lot of peeled and faded paint.
GTW 1509 handles a group of four cabooses in St. Albans Italy yard during 1969. Ian Stronach photo
A snowy winter day in St. Albans Italy yard, 1969. Note the amount of snow on top of CV8080. Two CV wooden caboose also have a good amount of snow on their tail end. If one was to model a winter scene such as this, would one add all this snow to the end of a fine caboose model. Ian Stronach photo

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