Friday 21 April 2017

Snapshot - April 2017

A very early spring scene that changes daily, April 17, 2017 just east of Komoka, Ont. I will see how it looks next week when heading up to the lake once again.
I was heading up to the boat on Monday when I saw two headlights coming in opposite directions (double track) at the River Road crossing just east of Komoka, Ontario. I did a quick U-turn and pulled up alongside the mainline on River Rd. I had my camera along for this trip as I wanted to capture a large patch of wood violets that were in full bloom further down the road along the river and in the woods.

As it turned out both trains arrived at the crossing at about the same time not giving me much time to set up or think about a view. I went for a view of the EB over the fence which is low down in this location and including the sign marking the sharp curve in the road ahead. The light was best for this train also. I thought this turned out to be a good looking view for a scramble shot. I actually was in flip flops in the muck and brush to boot. As I drove away I realized spring scenes like this with almost no foliage and greening grass is something I have not seen modeled. Early Spring is actually a neat season. It is a bright and colourful season, a fresh look after long winters that one could have fun modeling. It also is a very short season with daily changes. Budding trees, bright green fields with a touch of brown areas, dandelions and fruit tree blossoms...a interesting prospect for a modeler and worth thinking about...George Dutka

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