Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Monday Model Workdays

Peter and I each built a tool shed from leftover Proto shells over the past two workdays. Here are the completed models. Mine, the CN version will find a home in my WRJ yard.
This past Monday might be the last Monday modeling workday till the fall. The weather is turning in favour of outdoor chores and projects. Peter and I finished off a couple of our projects that has been in the works or on our mine for a bit this past Monday...the photos tell the story...George Dutka

Peter's CPR tool house version included a brass etched caboose door, wooden broken running boards, awnings made from BarMills corrugated roofing and some scraps leaning against the walls. The stack came from my parts box.

Peter supplied the two shells and I supplied the details. On mine I added a brass etched CN caboose door painted orange. The roof walks are beaten up wood scraps. The supports are matchstick pieces stained with Hunterline mix and the CN smoke stack is a Juneco offering. When I got home I added a few scrap newspapers and signs...I forgot to bring them to our work day. We used PanPastels for all the weathering.
This was an ongoing project for our N scale modules. This interlocking tower is a N scale Architect offering that was a struggle to build. Both Peter and I worked on it off and on this winter during our Monday get togethers. The walls are Floquil concrete while the doors and windows are coach green.

Everything on this model was a tough fit until we got to the roof. It went together easy. I brush painted it a water based dollar store black. I then added pencil roll paper lines which then got some tar seams done with gloss coat. The last thing applied is Bragdon soot.

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