Tuesday 9 May 2017

Grand River Express - NFR Regional Convention 2017

One of the clinics I attended was how to build a Fast Tracks switch. Here Tim Warris shows us how as Clark Kooning looks on.
Last weekend I traveled to Kitchener, Ont. to attend the NFR regional convention. I had been to many NMRA area meets in the past but this was the first time I have attended a full convention. As far as the NMRA is concerned I am now a new member, but back in the 1980's I was a member and editor of the NMRA-WOD Dispatcher for almost 10 years. That was about all the commitment I could give back then while working the spare board on the CN.  In those days it was tough to get a day off especially on the weekends. Having a weekend off was out of the question.

The clinics were excellent. I learned how to build a Fast Tracks switch and how to weather rolling stock using oils during a hands-on clinic. "Imagine That" also gave us a hands-on clinic about weathering laser cut brick walls. I did see most of the clinics offered as they all ran twice. The turnout for the convention was just under 100 with about 40 weathering the storm riding the steam train.

The NFR fed us well and Fast Tracks supplied complimentary coffee and treats all weekend long. I normally don't fair well with raffles. This time I won 6 items although when you put about 5 tickets in a cup for a B&M shirt in Ontario you have a really good chance of winning. I also won a N scale civil war commemorative painted blue and gray caboose and a Happy Hanukkah boxcar only because I was the only one to put a ticket in those cups...I needed to replace the trucks on a couple of my cars so these will come in handy. The other prizes I guess was just luck.

There was a good selection of layouts for us to see and the model contest was interesting with some incredible models...more on these shortly...George Dutka

Here is the samples viewed that we saw for inspiration for our weathering clinic.

This is our weathering hands-on clinic that I participated in.

Imagine That gave us all a sample wall panel to try our hand on painting some individual bricks, weathering and mortar colouring.

Although the price is high for this product it works really well for mortar. We had a chance to try it out during our hands-on clinic.

Imagine That had a really nice display including a new kit that is coming along shortly. They have some nice entry priced kits. I picked up one of these $29 kits to try and some interior and roof detail kits...will cover those this summer.

The Fast Tracks display.
Some vendors are set up here on the Saturday. An overall look at the blue room which also was used at the raffle room and hospitality center.

After the steam train ride we headed over to the O scale layout located nearby. If you are in St. Jacobs look for this sign.

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