Friday 5 May 2017

What's in the Box - No. 23

The main body look like it will go together quickly, it is the little things like the side pockets that will take some work.
Back at the Copetown show I picked up this bulkhead flat kit. There are newer models offered for this style of car but I am always up to trying a build I never tried before...will let you know how this one goes. By the way mine will become a DWC car as I already have the decals and will load it with bridge ties similar to what one sees below. The short stake in pockets are a nice detail also...George Dutka

Feb. 1989, George Dutka photo, London, Ont., Peter Mumby collection. I cleaned out a lot of my photos a decade or so ago...glad Peter hung onto them.

February 10, 1991 London, Ont. Peter Mumby photo.

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