Friday 19 May 2017

Ian Stronach's Visit to Westboro

A B&M lineup at the Westboro NH shop track, June 19, 1969 Ian Stronach photo
Ian passed along these views of Westboro a few weeks back that I thought I would share with you. Note the condition of a fleet of weather beaten B&M engines. A really interesting group of views around the fuel track area that I modeled...wished I had these photos a few years back when detailing the scene. Thanks Ian....George Dutka

"I found some photos of three trips I made (Jan or Feb 1967, Feb. 15, 1969 and June 19, 1969) to White River Junction.  I have attached a few photos of the power that was at the Westboro engine facility.  In the late 1960’s the B&M had some of the rattiest looking power around.   The 1558 was especially bad and likely would be a challenge for most modellers to recreate. I don’t think this effect can be done just with weathering...Ian."

The sand house is clearly seen in this view.

The old paint is beginning to re-appear on B&M 1517, June 19, 1969

This would make a nice weathering project...not sure where I would begin to get the faded and worn look.

A lineup of B&M units in 1967.

Back in 1969 Ian Stronach's visited the Westboro NH shop track and got this great view.


  1. What I would do for 1558 is aibrush the whole body with Scalecoat Armour Yellow and let it dry for some weeks. The I would airbrush the body with a water-based acrylic maroon -=- probably don't need to be too picky. Then I would immediately use a cotton swab soaked in Solvaset to quickly wipe off most of the maroon with vertical strokes. Then I would apply Micro Scale B&M lettering for the maroon scheme, most of the stripes would blend into the undercoat. Finish with clear flat and then use washes of black to blend things in. Custom Finishes makes the hood extensions for the generator.

  2. Thanks for the input John...that sounds interesting...will see if we get someone going on this project,or I might try it myself...George

  3. A few years back Athearn did a Genesis B&M GP-7 with the HEP hood extensions in this paint scheme. It is a very nice model and paint job. The real challenge would be how to effectively ruin the factory paint to look like the maroon washed off. It sounds like John's method really is the only way, starting with an undec or stripped body.

    Also, Bowser has recently announced the 4228 in this McGinnis paint scheme for October 2017 delivery. The challenge would to get the blue coming through the white on the nose and adding the welded in plate on the nose.

    1. Hi Ian thanks for the additional information and once again the use of your great photos...George

  4. Its great being able to look over all these pictures, Living in Scotland and building an HO layout in my shed, its the prefect way to gather information.

    All the best

    Alan Aitken

    1. Nice to hear from you Alan...glad you are enjoying North American railroading...George