Thursday 4 May 2017

WRD May Update

FOS models offered this neat little structure for free when ordering a specific amount. It was only available for I think a weekend...I did not know this till after the fact. FOS once offered a whole scene using a larger version of this structure.
Things are getting busy here with my daughters wedding coming up next month plus getting my car fixed up, (I decided to put some bucks into my 7 year old PT instead of spending a fortune on a new one). As I will be at the lake a lot, post volumes will be dropping for the summer season shorty.

I touched base with Bob Hannah and Don Janes who also use the same compressor as I do. I recently got a question about my compressor and wanted some  additional input. I have blogged about this Canadian Tire offering a while back. Here are their take.

Bob says..."I went to Carquest bought a needle valve and gauge and a Parker moisture  trap. I always spray between 15 - 20  PSI with both my Passche air brushes with awesome results, anymore pressure is overkill. Most airbrush manuals recommend 15 PSI. 

Don chips in with "I have been using the CTC compressor since I bought it.  It works fine and I haven't had any problems.  I usually run it at about 20 - 25 psi with good results.  I use the pressure gauge and moisture trap that came with compressor." Thanks guys...I normally run my air brush with 15-20 psi.

Bob's compressor attachments.
Peter and I recently re-joined the NMRA and I am attending the Kitchener NMRA-WOD mini convention on the weekend.  My last modeling event this spring-summer will be a presentation by Don Janes and I about our layout in Ottawa for the OVAR monthly dinner night. Hope you all  have a great summer season...George Dutka

This spring I have been working on building this ash pit sand track scene to display my few old steam engines that just don't want to run anymore. I also am taking this scene to the NMRA local meet on the weekend.
I am almost done with this Bowser B&M caboose build. I hope to get the decals on before my summer modeling break. If not on those hot humid days of summer I might get a little work in downstairs if not at the lake.

Does this not look real. This view was posted on the RMC facebook page last month. There is a group of modelers that sell their work such as this one. Most of their work sells for $600 and up. I noted one structure was $1,200. Link is

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