Monday 29 May 2017

Snapshot - May 2017

A look down the tracks once I left Greg's layout views a GEXR engine at the east siding switch.
After leaving Greg Shinniey's home I looked down the tracks located about a block away.This is the Goderich and Exeter Ry. (GEXR). To my surprise I could see a headlight at the east end siding switch. Since I have never photographed in Baden, Ont. before I headed down to see what there was to see. With record rain the last few days the area near the tracks was soaked or underwater which limited my options. The engine had cut off 4 cars and was at the west end switch by the time I arrived and shortly after coupled  onto their cars and departed. I did get a couple of views which was good enough. I was heading a different direction so did not give chase...George Dutka

The power for the day heads backs towards its cars on the main in Baden, Ont.
A crew member awaits the return of the engine. He has some company with a father and children standing by. Have no idea how they got down there as most of the ground was soaked.


  1. The RailAmerica scheme is fast disappearing.

    1. Hi John...never really thought about that, thanks...George