Thursday 25 May 2017

NMRA - Contests

A really nice diorama at this years NFR convention. A more detailed look is found below.
I guess I got the ball rolling on NMRA contest judging with at least two posts found on other blogs I follow. A follow-up is maybe in order. I think the NMRA judging concept is a good system. There are 5 judges that go over ones models looking at different areas such as scratchbuild, finish and lettering, construction, conformity and details. Each judge only score the areas they are required to look for using the guide. So the score is a total of the five.

As mentioned before this was my first NMRA convention and my feeling is still the judging may have been more critical and stingy with points than one would expect. The overall experience was very good. The judges thoughts are noted on the form and can be helpful taking ones modeling to the next level. I thought every model entered was over the top no matter the outcome…a great bunch of very good modelers from our area that support the NMRA. The judges are volunteers and one might think to volunteer as a judge...a good way to figure out their points system.

I probably will take some models along once again if I attend another NMRA convention...the more models on display the better the convention I would thing. A thought, RPM meets maybe an option for one to display models...remember we are all in it to learn...George Dutka

A close-up look at the model seen above. I have added pigeons to many of my roofs, but here we see the mess they make also modeled. I might give this a try. I find I always come away with some good ideas after viewing contest entries.

A look inside the BX tower St. Thomas.
This is the O scale model I entered at the convention and which won for structures. The judges made a few comment regarding what might be done to gain more points. Rafters could be added and nut and bolt castings to the base supports. Also eave troughs and downspouts are also mentioned. Since the doors are open maybe interior wall bracing could also be seen. All good options and I just may add some of these details I did not even think about these while building the model. Since it is now in the foreground on my module it might make sense.

For contests the  scratchbuild portion of the scoring, a total point value of 15 can be earned. If one uses commercial windows, doors and chimneys as I did the most one can score is 10 point. So one looses a third of the score for these few details not being scratchbuilt. If you scratchbuild a structure and don't add doors or you get a perfect score?

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