Friday 26 May 2017

Owen Sound CN Station Area

The CN Owen Sound station is intact and appears to be in good condition. I noted the big factory that once stood behind the station is now gone.
On May 2, 2017 I was up in Owen Sound with my neighbor...he had to make a business call just one block from the Owen Sound station. I took a walk over to the station for a close look and of course a few photos. The rain was on and off and I got my views before a downpour began. I looked inside the station and it was empty...maybe an update is happening or the flooring is being redone. The station has a steam whistle on the roof that sounds on a regular basis...George Dutka
The steam whistle is located in front of the chimney.

The caboose looks to be in pretty good condition.


  1. George, the floor in tourism was in the process of being resurfaced. It is now finished and tourism and the Museum are open for the season. Unfortunately the interior of the coach is under construction so visits are not available or very limited..We hope to have the car opened later this summer.

    Our main display is on the industries of Owen Sound as we celebrate Owen Sound's 160th anniversary and Canada's 150th.

    We welcome all to see our displays and help celebrate our 150-160 years of historynin our country and City.

    1. Hi Peter:
      Thanks for the additional information...well appreciated...George