Saturday, 23 September 2017

FEC N Trak - Coco Beach RPM 2017

A step back view of the around the wall display at Coco Beach.
The FEC N Trak display at Coco Beach this year...George Dutka

Lots of industrial warehouses that need to be switched.

Shop area.

Some neat lighting is included in some of the scenes.


  1. Thanks for posting, my wife and I are thinking of going to the meet this winter. Looks very interesting. What did you think of it over all??

  2. Hi Scott:
    I really enjoyed myself, maybe because it is Florida in January but the modeling and displays are really nice. The clinics I took in I really liked. I am thinking of going again if all works out...George

  3. Scott, forgot to mention the Hilton is a very nice hotel right on the beach with a great happy it is best to stay right there...they have a special rate for the RPM meet but they extended it for us as we stayed almost a week...George

  4. Thanks for your thoughts. January in Florida would almost be as good as the trains, coming from southeast New Hamshire.
    Best, Scott