Friday, 29 September 2017

Red's a Second Look

A CV freight is stopped for a moment for the crew to grab some goodies at Red's.
Here are a few more views of my little pit stop...back in the day this was my favorite part of the afternoon...enjoy...George Dutka

The foreground figures are Woodland Scenic offerings I had extra. On the sign there is a loudspeaker that I also photocopied and left on. Some weeds and long static grass fill in the scene.

My new 1965 Oxford pickup truck is seen parked at Red's. I got a deal on a four pack of Athearn woodchip cars recently so these are now in use during summer time operations.
Since the back wall was going to show a little at certain angles I had to add a bit of details. A caboose door with a bit of green is added. Leftover piece of the front awning is also placed overtop. Some signs, propane tanks and wire to a circle molding is made to look like a meter. On the roof a smoke stack is also added. The sign got some wire supports. If I knew the back would be seen I would have filled the joint...but I think it looks pretty good anyway.


  1. My wife and I went to Maine in May and ate "there". It was pleasant, though we didn't see any Bluebirds at the time...