Saturday, 16 September 2017

Lisgar, Ontario - a CP and GO Location

A look west at the GO platform and shelter. A huge parking lot is partly seen to the right.
Last night I was looking through a CP picture book by Greg McDonnell that Peter loaned me this fall. I got as far as page 16 when I came across a nice rural view of a set of CPR RDC's in the countryside noted at Lisgar, Ont. I knew that location right away as I just visited it by accident last Friday on my way to Credit Valley hobby shop. I had made a wrong turn...let me explain. I was on my way to an old timers basketball tournament in Burlington, Ont. when I took some back roads around Milton to get to the hobby shop since the freeway was stop and go into Toronto. I came across a newer GO train location named Lisgar just a few blocks away from Winston Churchill Boulevard in Mississauga which is nothing like what I saw in the book.

The station looks brand new

As one can see in these view today there is a nice new train station, a huge parking lot and a nice long covered platform all looking very new. The tracks are in really nice shape surrounded by subdivisions as far as one can see to the south and some warehouses to the times have changed...George Dutka

Roadside view

Trackside view

GO shelter.

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