Friday, 8 September 2017

New England Novelty Works

This Imagine That kit comes with this nice little sidewalk. I don't have room for it at Bellows Crossing so it will be used with another structure. The Front sign is one I photographed in Bellows Falls a few years ago.
Here is a nice group of photos of my finished New England Novelty Works plant. Bellows Crossing will be getting a face lift with this structure, the Monster Model Works pump house and a mill once offered by South River Modelworks. The whole town will be a new look by next spring...with a smaller layout one can keep things moving forward...enjoy...George Dutka

The finished model is heavily weathered. It will be in the rear area of the scene but still close enough for the details to be seen well. This kit is actually a building flat. One of the windows is plywood or boarded up...will have to take a close-up for you when I get the camera out again.

A garbage pail is added along with some newspapers at the doorway. The India ink really helped to bring the stone-work out.

A look down view gives one a look at the two additional stacks added and note how the graphite painted stones on the window blended into the structure.

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