Sunday, 17 September 2017

Bellows Falls Co-Operative Creamery - Finished Scene

The finished creamery scene in Bellows Falls built as a building flat. I have a good fleet of milk cars that can be spotted out front. This cars are made from Walthers-Train Miniature reefers.
This is an update from my Feb. 5, 2017 post on my Bellows Falls Co-Operative Creamery. The scenery around the creamery has been finished since late winter but I am way behind with layout posts. Thought you might want to see how the whole scene looks at the moment. Not an exact copy of the facility, just my rendition...George Dutka

As one can see the siding and junk I normally add to my scenes is all in place. The Athearn trailer has a BF Co-Op creamery logo applied. Not sure of the colours used on the trailers but for now mine are going to be silver. This part of the structure I purchased already assembled. I did take it apart repainting it and changing out some doorways and windows.

Another view of the creamery with a good string of milk cars needing loading. This location loaded milk in cases of glass bottles. The siding is code 55.

This portion of the creamery is part kit-bashed, part scratch-built...all things I had on hand making this structure a really cheap build.

My brass milk car is on the Conn. River siding waiting to be moved to the creamery.

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