Thursday, 21 September 2017

Fall Update

Busy time at the WRJ diamond. I took a group of photos this summer of what I had out on the layout at that time.
My modeling season is just beginning. I did a small amount of modeling over the summer but nothing all that productive. Peter and I will see if we can finish up our N scale modules this fall and we have a few pieces of rolling stock that are partly completed that we plan to finish off. No trips planned to New England yet although there are lots of modeling events going on locally that I would love to attend.

I did get in a lot more rail-fanning than ever before over the summer. A lot of it was unplanned as I just seem to have been in the right place at the right time. Having my camera along while traveling is a plus. With lake time almost over I will be found in the basement a lot to change over the eras so it reflects the 1950's on the White River Division once again...George Dutka

I just finished the base this week. Red's is open for buisness on the WRD. It is another drop in that has been added for my later era operations. The crews need somewhere to eat...more on it shortly.

August 30. 2017 I was in Stratford with my wife to take in the shops and food locations on the main street. I was able to make a side trip past the station. A GEXR power move was happening as I arrived. I was there long enough to see them move through the siding to a point east of the station were they appeared to be waiting for something.

The power and crew are ready for something to happen but we did not stay to see what.
Couple more of my cabooses headed to winter storage shortly. The local has a lot to do if they want the yard cleared out in the next week or two.

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