Monday, 18 September 2017

White River Division - A Look Back

My old 0-6-0 was still running at the time Summit was in use. These Maine Two foot buildings were stand-in's till I constructed Crosby Coal.
I was going through some of my old files of images from when I had a digital camera available to me. Most are from 2008 and early 2009. Most of my photography till Dec. 2009 was print and slides. I got my first real digital camera Canon A590 in 2008 followed by a Canon Rebel when I retired in Nov. 2009 and shortly after my print camera's (all three of them) were retired. These views are digital but taken with my A590, my daughters camera or with an old digital camera someone gave me that I think had memory for about a couple dozen views max. These scene's that I chose are not found on the current version of the WRD...George Dutka

My Rutland Ry. brass caboose is seen heading behind the barn and pumpkin patch. Actually one of these old views made it into RMC a couple of years ago in my pumpkin patch article while others can be found in 2008-2009 Walthers Catalog.
A CV train heads into WRJ off my duck-under module. Part of the water scene was a lakefront cabin scene that really never got photographed much.

An overall view of what West Barre once looked like. It got an upgrade followed by some newer drop in scenes before being removed so my WRJ yard could be seen and used. Behind the trees and station is a three track staging yard that today is in full view. This main line track was reused as a fourth track in the yard but cut out and moved back behind the yard office.

Once again looking down the track at West Barre. The engine was detailed by Don Janes. I purchased it off him years ago. The train order signal is scratch-built and the station is an old balsa wood covered with paper siding kit that I had as a child. Somehow it made it through two sets of kids and 60 years. I added new boards, windows and roofing. Since then it got a second upgrade and looks even better now.

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