Monday, 3 September 2018

FOS - Free Kit Construction

Most of the structure is together and will be stained shortly. The signage and only photo to work from is seen in the background.
A look at how a FOS scale kit goes together without plans or instructions. I looked the parts over a few times before beginning. I could not find one wall but it might have had to be cut from the main boxed structure. No problem I have a lot of wood that matched...I'll show you the finished structure shortly...George Dutka

All the parts for the gas pump is seen in the foreground. The basic walls and roof support section is in place. Corner posts are cut and added to the corners. There was a lot of material included to complete the kit. Sometimes a kit can run short. Although the kit is small some bracing is required since the siding does have a few bows. No bracing is included.
The gas pump is together now. The walls and roof is next on the list. Lots of test fitting to make sure it was going together right.
The main structure is together. The side building is next on the list. I am thinking this inside wall that makes up the main box should have been cut for the end wall. I left it as you see it to better support the building...wood is cheap.
The structure is together and a few boards have been pulled up and nail holes applied. The doors and window will be added once painted and stained. More on this in the next post. A neat GAS sign is included that will make a neat roof stencil. The tape in the background is really old masking tape that fell off a box that will make a nice old window blind...old is good.

New Free Kit offering from FOS this week only.

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