Saturday, 8 September 2018

Modeling a CV Hopper

The prototype photo, Pikestuff panels and an Accurail model that I will use to replicate a CV hopper.
Using the photo from my last post I decided to built this CV hopper. I have a nicely built Accurail hoppers built by Bob Bowes but lettered for his home road. He had used dry transfers which were not sealed. They came off quickly by just scrapping them with my burnishing tool.

I also have a package of Pikestuff raised panels # 4000 which I applied using Walthers goo. For some reason some of the panels are missing so I cut some of the full panels to size. That is what you get when you purchase parts at train flea markets. The car is now ready for painting and lettering. It will not get into the paint shop till my boat comes out the end of the month.

CV raised panel hoppers were rebuilt from straight metal sheeting in 1936-1937 a second group was converted in 1941-42. The second group was painted boxcar red. The earlier group was black.CV 20030 falls into the latter group being red. Conversion back to straight side hoppers began in 1946 with the last converted in 1953. Many of the hoppers retired by the late 1950's with the last hopper being taken out of interchange service in 1977. Some remained longer in company service...George Dutka

The panels are installed and the old style brake system has been changed out with a resin wheel and housing. I am thinking the wheel looks a bit thick. I may change it out with a Kadee model before painting.
Note all the nice grabs and wire details that Bob had added to his model. He has also added all the piping to the brake system.

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