Tuesday, 4 September 2018

FOS - Free Kit Weathering

The walls windows and doors got a coat of Hunterline Creosote. The roof edges are painted acrylic black. I liked how the stain looked on the windows and door material I left this portion of the model as is. They would get a bit of PanPastels later. The base is painted Floquil concrete.

Lets look at how I weathered my kit. Will show you the finished model shortly...George Dutka

Once the Hunterline stain dried I gave the walls and trim a full strength coating of Floquil grime. One can see the roofing being applied. The FOS scale paper got a thinned coat of Floquil grimy black. Once all the roofing is applied I trimmed the edges.
I did a test of the sign stencil on a sheet of black paper using Floquil reefer white dabbed on. I did not like the combination much so decided to go with a lighter colouring of black which was a wash...more gray looking. The white is then dabbed on. My first attempt at this turned out really good.

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