Tuesday, 11 September 2018

September Update

My new addition to the WRD fleet...an older Atlas engine weathered and rusted up. More on it shortly.
Now that the weather is cooling off I will be spending a good amount of time at the lake. This summer I accomplished more modeling projects than any other in the last decade. Between lots of rain in August, extreme heat in July and the beginning of September I have been down below a lot. Not complaining it was a nice change. Posts might be limited over the next few weeks...George Dutka

Another hobby shop closes down due to retirement. I stopped by Beamsville, Ont. last Thursday to find this hobby shop closed and empty. I had heard it was closing, but it happened quickly.
This is a recent before and after. I purchased it built for a dollar and went to work detailing it a bit.
Curator John Kastner was shocked - to add new exhibit !
Most of us model these type of structures silver. Here is a weathered and painted storage structures once part of the mill in town. These are in Lucan, Ont. trackside when tracks were still running through town. The old CN Forest Sub. was pulled up a couple of decades ago.
The roof weathering is kind of neat.
Note the swayback seen in the roof line.
Scenic Express is bringing out a new Static grass product. Burlington Jct. Hobbies in Hamilton, Ont. will be putting in an order with Scenic Express for this new product and other Scenic Express items by the end of the week. Check out their booth at the fall trains shows or Scenic Express on-line.

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