Monday 24 September 2018

Northern Coal and Lumber Office

PanPastels are used to weather this structure. The roof got some gloss coat as tar roof seams. I popped out the windows as they were not secured properly. This structure got the same treatment as the coal shed. I applied a wash of acrylic Anita's woodsy smoke to dull down the green and the lettering. Then PanPastel weathering was applied.
Included with the Walthers kit-bashed coal shed was this office building. It had a scale and covered addition added to the side of it. I had to take a lot of it apart to properly re-glue it...George Dutka

This is how the structure looked when I go it home. The drive through area on the right side of the structure is an add-on to the Walthers wood series office.
The roof was not secured well so it was removed which also pulled the sidewalls apart. It made detailing the interior portion of the structure easier.

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