Friday, 14 September 2018

Quebec Central - Boxcar

Although the photo is torn and water damaged it still is neat to see. A good candidate for modeling. Quebec Central 2908 was built in 1910. It is seen  in Oct. 1954  at Vancouver, BC. Richard Burg collection.


  1. Could Accurail be lobbied to do this scheme on its new Fowler car? (By he way, have you looked at the Accurail Fowler cars?)

  2. Great you post this one today George. I was putting some order in my old CDS decals and found out I had this QC set... and an undecorated Accurail Fowler car.

    Was it built as a CPR car then handed down to QC later? I don't think QC was among the original owners of this design.

    1. Not sure,I imagine CPR diverted cars to other lines...George