Sunday 9 December 2018

Air Slide Models - Part 4

A trio of air slide hoppers is seen on the White River Division.
Here is a look at a few more of my air slide hoppers...enjoy...George Dutka

I had purchased this air slide already built this year at a local train show. I applied a bit of acrylic rust and coated it with PanPastels.
I also picked up this car at the Woodstock train show. It needed some gluing, minimal rust spots added and some gray PanPastel weathering. I now have a good size collection of these cars for use when required.


  1. Great job on the airslides !
    Curious about the D&H cvd hopper in photo 2.
    Is that from a kit or a paint/decal job ?

  2. The D&H covered hopper was a car I picked up years ago, I think I assembled it but not sure. It was factory painted. I forget the manufacturer...George