Friday 21 December 2018

Baggage Carts

Don Janes collection of baggage cars ready to be deployed on the Green Mountain Route. Don Janes photo.
Peter and I picked up a couple of boxes of Jordan Products baggage carts that became our first project this fall on our work day Mondays. At about the same time I visited Don and noticed he had completed a group of baggage carts also. I thought I would share our views with you...George Dutka

As part of our workday Monday Peter and I assembled three baggage carts and painted the luggage. A finished Jordan baggage cart from a past build is seen in the photo.
The baggage carts got a coat of flat black from a spray bomb.
Peter and I used green and red chalk powders to colour our models. This was done in a short amount of time. The baggage was then glued down.
Don had a large amount of baggage carts on hand. He decided to build them all at one time in a assembly line process so he could get them out on the layout.  Don Janes photo.

Don's baggage cart up close.

Another look at Don's baggage cart. Don Janes photo.
At the White River Jct. station platform a number of baggage carts are seen loaded and ready to go.
My most recent baggage cart is at the New Haven station.

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