Thursday 13 December 2018

Throwback Thursday - That's an Oopsy!

CN 9660 has stubbed its toe on a turnout alongside the Kingston Subdivision in the vicinity of Ajax, Ontario.  By the time your intrepid photographer arrived on the scene, the Pettibone crane had things well in hand.  All of this occurred on July 16, 1988.
By Peter Mumby.

In this slow speed incident, only the leader (GP40-2 9660, GMD 1976) was affected.  Of the three trailing units, only F7Au 9166 (rebuilt 1973) is visible in this image.  At the time of the photo, the 268 GP40-2s on the CN roster were still considered to be premier mainline freight haulers, while the rebuilt Fs were operating on borrowed time.

In this series of posts, I generally refer to changes that have occurred over the years subsequent to the photo.  These changes usually include alterations to trackage, operations, locomotives, or rolling stock.  Certainly, the F unit in this consist is long gone, and most of the GP40-2s have moved on to scrappers or the second hand market.  But the greatest change that stuck me on contemplating this photo was one of access for the railfan photographer.  At the time of this photo I was largely ignored by the workers present; this would not happen today!  Between changes of attitude, changes in fencing, and even the disappearance of parking spots, I just don't think it would be possible to take a picture like this in 2018.

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