Friday 7 December 2018

Life Like Tractors

The paint I used to weather my tractors followed by some rust Bragdon powders.
I got a couple of packages of Like Like tractors through my friend Gary that was part of an estate. The first two I did for Gary and Larry and at Trainfest I completed weathering one for myself. I still have two that Peter and I will work on together...George Dutka

Gary's model that I finished. The wheels are painted chalkboard black with the treads highlighted with dry brushed gray. The stack and some engine parts are highlighted with silver. The seat is painted black also.
The tractors come in three packs which are good for flat car loads. Mine are weathered up and used at the farm.

My finished tractor ready for use on the WRD.
I weathered this tractor at Trainfest. The rust and dust is minimal on this model.
I think by painting the tires and highlighting the treads are the biggest improvement to the model.

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