Monday, 31 December 2018

NYC Graffiti - 1939

NYC 7041 Buffalo, NY c-1939 Kieth Sirman collection, Bob Bowes copy
I always thought graffiti was a modern day occurrence...looking through boxes full of Bob Bowes collection of photos I found a couple interesting views from days gone by. These photos are noted as from the Kieth Sirman collection...thanks Kieth for allowing us to publish from time to time some of your vast collection of photos. I think I might try this out at some point on a model. Now to look for a NYC baggage car...George Dutka

NYC 7977 Buffalo NY c-1939 Kieth Sirman collection, Bob Bowes copy


  1. JC Models did a NYC heavyweight baggage car like those shown. It was wood and white metal with oversize rivets and stamped aluminum sides, but with a competently shaped roof and good paint, it's still an acceptable model. However, I'm not sure how much of the writing is "graffiti". I've seen Emery Gulash NYC videos where NYC baggage cars have had destination locations for express shipments chalked on the side. This may be some of the chalk marking on both cars. The American Legion marking probably commemorates a special trip of some sort -- there were also paper banners for special moves like that placed on baggage cars.

    1. Interesting John thanks for the comments...George

  2. Bethlehem Car Works Kit #1230 looks to be right for the car pictured, including the different width doors. Might be an Ebay find...?
    Rivarossi HR4202 could be a close stand in, tho' the doors are equal.
    Typewriter (remember those ?) correction tape for the lettering ?

    Happy New Year,

    1. Thanks for the input Kevin and Happy New Years...George