Saturday 29 December 2018

CNJ Joined the Pennsy - Kevin Surman

One of many neat looking little scenes on Ken's layout.
Lets take a second look at some details and mini-scene on Kevin Surman's layout. I thought you might enjoy these and get some inspiration...I know I did. I was using my Samsung phone to record these detailed views of Kevin's layout. I thought they turned out pretty good...George Dutka

Not only does the ground views tell a story here is a look above.
Kevin is MMR number 528 a nice accomplishment.
Kevin had his layout featured in the November 2013 issue of MR. He got a nice copy of the title page signed by the editors that worked on his feature.
Kevin added some really interesting detailing to these old junk pieces along the foreground.
Some really nice old junk modeled extremely well.
Kevin not only works at the RPI he also is a member of the NEB&W. Some of the decals found their way onto his equipment. I have a few of these decals that John Nerich gave me 25 years ago...thinking I should do the same.
I bit of inspiration is found here. Note that Kevin glued ground foam to the photo background trees making them 3D.
Don and Kevin pose at the entrance to the layout. Note one side is one level and the other side double decked.
I thought this was a nice little ferry landing area.

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