Monday, 10 June 2019

CP in Northern Vermont - Neil Schofield

This scene has been photographed many times in the past but was nice for me to see in person. Neil has done a wonderful job blending the backdrop into the foreground scenes.
Don and I stopped in to see Neil Schofield and his wonderful layout on the way home the Sunday of the NERPM weekend. Most of you have seen photos Don took last year and the many blog posts elsewhere. I thought I would focus in on the little things that Neil has done that I found interesting and maybe not been focused on in the past....George Dutka

Some of the cars are showing their age such as this one. Neil is very good at adding just enough weathering to the scenes making them realistic.
I really liked this scene with the go-cart under the lean-to and the car with a replacement door.
Lots of details are found on all structures.
I really liked the look of this barn. Many of the really old ones are located very close to the road...probably since years ago the road was a one lane path.
The roadways are very realistic on the layout. I was waiting for the train to arrive.

The backside of the mill.
I really liked all the weathering on Neil's rolling stock and engines. It makes the layout look realistic. This car I thought looked great with the door open and the grain being held in as on the prototype.
Don books us in on arrival at Neil's layout.

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