Saturday 29 June 2019

Snapshot - June 2019

November 3, 2018 an eastbound PanAm freight heads out onto the bridge having departed Mechanicsville. On a very overcast day the sun came out for a few seconds and only on the engines as they headed out onto the bridge.
This months snapshot was from the November trip Don Janes and I made to Albany, NY for the Model Railroad Expo. On the Saturday which was raining during the morning we spent most of the day railfanning and exploring the area. Our last stop of the day was Mechanicsville, NY. We arrived as a PanAm train EB was departed town. We highballed over to the large bridge at Stillwater catching the train with a couple of seconds of sun as it entered onto the bridge. That was the kind of sun we saw all day once the rain departed. We got lucky a couple of times with a minute or two here and there...George Dutka

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