Friday, 14 June 2019

Twin State Fruits - WRJ

An overall view Warren Dodgson took with his wide angle lens. At this time there was not a lot of growth along the walls hiding the details. Oct. 23 1992.
I covered the Twin State Fruit Corp. once located in White River Jct. Vermont back in 2015. Here are a few more detailed views of the structure. If you are a CVRHS member you should have copies of my plans for this structure. Recently Jim Sloan squared up a photo I took of the sign which was on an angle. Now I have a better sign to apply to my structure...more on that shortly...George Dutka

Matt Flynn photo Sept 19, 1992.
Matt Flynn photo Sept. 19, 1992
A photo I took  back on Sept 27, 1992.
Note the variation of metal siding on this wall...something to think about if you are building this structure.  Matt Flynn photo Sept 19 1993.
Jim Sloan straightened out the photo of the sign I took many years ago. Now to add it to my structure...more on that shortly.

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