Sunday, 23 June 2019

The MEC - A George Melvin Clinic

A lot of produce moved over the MEC back in the day as seen on this map.
George Melvin's clinic was full of wonderful photos, details and very useful information at this years NERPM. I wish I could remember them all. One comment did stick in my mind, MEC 50' boxcars originally built with silver doors which are aluminum did not stand up corroding to the point they had to be replaced. The new doors added are painted green. Now I need to check my photos and maybe change a couple of my models...George Dutka

The Aroostock Ry. being owned by CPR, their grain traffic moved in CP cars via the MEC not BAR. The traffic moved over the border into Canada before returning into the USA and MEC. The structure in the background is really neat looking from what one can see of it.
MEC 55500- 55551 are converted from cars built in 1939. Note the yellow stripe along the top edge.

The MEC during this era painted every 4th car yellow. Painting of cars occurred every 5 years.

Woodchip unloading Oakland, Maine 1965. Most of these cars never left the MEC traveling back and forth from loading to unloading facilities, many traveled only 5 miles. The converted hoppers in the distance I believe are lettered Portland Terminal.

A top view of outside braced cars. If one was to model one of these this view shows were the braces are. Note doors on one side only. Cars are in pulpwood service.

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