Saturday 12 October 2019

A few views of the WRD

My B&M Rapido RDC crossing the diamond at Bellows Crossing. Since I did not have a lot of room to move around with a large size group over the RDC worked well running point to point.
I couple days after my open house for the Railroaders group last Wednesday I decided to take a few photos of my equipment still out on the main line....George Dutka

At the end of the evenings event the train must have stopped just short of a flag stop. I thought this might make for a good photo. Here I am taking a photo a few days later before moving the RDC back to WRJ. I am thinking the lady waiting at the flag stop might be pretty annoyed with me by now.
Since there was a few CPR fans coming over I setup a small CPR transfer job using a Rapido 1200 switcher two tank cars and my CP International of Maine True Line trains caboose.

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