Thursday, 31 October 2019

Year 9

My updated FOS ice house seen on the is only temporary as it will be in my waterfront scene at some point.
Welcome to year nine of the WRD blog. Still lots to cover and with a layout revamp beginning shortly. Stop by regularly to see a lot more about what the WRD will turn into...George Dutka

New agent on duty? That is Don Janes on the platform in Ingersoll Sept. 28 2019. The station is well past restoration although it is still standing. Terry Nixon photo
This variety store was down the road from were I grew up in London, Ont. although I don't remember it this way. 1956 is the year. Note all the signs a modeler could add for this era.
CN black lettering one can use in a ghosting lettering as seen in a rust bucket post. Set no. MC-4228.
My workbench last month while lettering a NSRC boxcar and working on a FOS free kit.
Gator Dave uses this caulking for holding his Gatorfoam together. I picked up a tube.
A view trackside in South Troy, NY on Nov. 3, 2018. It was pouring rain when Don and I stopped by this location. I took the photo out the window. What I liked was how these buildings look like DPM kits. Note how the brick wall looks on the building to the right. The lighter and darker brick from a tear-down...something to consider when modeling.
Who says the younger generation do not model. Here is a diorama that Kevin D'Alenti built. He is more into military modeling as seen on his site but he dabbles in everything.

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