Sunday, 6 October 2019

Last Saturday

Don Janes explains his roof weathering technique. This was a hands-on clinic. Peter Mumby photo.
The Western Ontario Division of the NFR-NMRA had their first meeting of the season. I currently am the program director and enlisted the help of both Peter and Don for the day. A group of well over 20 attended. Three clinics scheduled for the morning went well with the last one being a hands-on rust-it-up which was shown using two methods. Don and I both showed how we do it and the guys did a pretty good job following along...George Dutka

Peter Mumby photo.
Was no time to sit down during this work session. Peter Mumby photo.
I took the group through the steps I use to rust-up a piece of rolling stock or structure. I had sample pieces for the guys to practice on first...Peter Mumby photo.
Don works away.
Ed Haydon has a few cars he wanted to rust up.
MMR Gary Shurgold works away weathering his covered hopper.

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