Friday, 18 October 2019

Walthers Tank Car

The finished Walthers tank car ready for use on the WRD.
Don Janes gave me three tank car a couple of years ago. They were plaque models that may have been given to employee's or customers in Sarnia. Don wanted the plaque bases but had no use for the modern tank cars. I finally finished the last one which needed more attention than the other two...George Dutka

After gluing on missing details and adding trucks some touch-up painting was done with Floquil engine black. I then taped a few areas that would show as new paint prior to coating the entire model with Proto Paint flat haze. The patching idea I copied from Jim Sloan's model.
The car is complete with two coats of flat haze and some Bragdon powders dark and medium rust.
Although the car looks great it probably will not get much running time on the layout since I don't have anywhere for large size tanks to be delivered and trying to keep train lengths shorter they just take up too much space.

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