Tuesday 19 November 2019

AHM Station - Farmington

I was really suprised how well this project turned out. The walls are spraybombed Camo Coat Olive from Home Hardware and the roof is flat black, 99 cents from Walmart in Michigan. An old Grayhound sign is seen leaning against the wall...could the station have been dual use at some point. Some newspapers are scattered around.
At Trainfest I completed weathering three pieces of rolling stock and also weather and detail this AHM station. At my workstation most of my projects involved PanPastels and acrylic dollar store paint...George Dutka

The walls are coated with PanPastel Raw Umber shade while the windows are a light PanPastel gray. I also used these two colours on the roof but two other tones of gray are also applied. The chimney has some acrylic brown applied before pastels are applied. The Western Union sign Don Janes gave me copies of years ago. A Juneco milk can, some other signs and a crates finish the scene.
The door got a bit of brown to vary the colouring a bit. The boarded up window is from my Roomettes detail sheet that has various plywood sheeting. Some posters are applied to the rear also. The base was brush painted a concrete tone of gray prior to weathering. I just mixed black and white till I got the right tone. I did not take much paint with me to Trainfest so mixing was required most of the time. I did not take all my PanPastels or any Bragdon powders, so finishes turned out a bit different than the norm.
The station sign is actually photocpied from an old Maine two footer station kit I have. Another project at some point...have had it for over 20 years now. Farmington is a town that is found in many states.


  1. Do you do anything to seal the chalk after you've weathered with it?

  2. Hi John:
    No the PanPastels stay on good. If a finger mark does appear just drag a brush over that area...George