Friday 29 November 2019

National Scale Car - CPR 10'6" AAR Boxcar Upgrade

The lettering and ladders are removed. The NSC ends fit perfectly on the Branchline boxcar. The roof is I think a Front Range leftover that also fit without any modifications.
I have been working on and off the last couple of months on upgrading a Yardmaster series Branchline boxcar using a National Scale Car kit. It is taking me longer than expected only because I have a lot of other projects to clean up not to mention a few articles on the go. The kit is actually made for use with an Intermountain boxcar but it appears to work really well with the Branchline car also. I am modeling mine without running boards. More to follow...George Dutka

The included ladders are applied along with the tack boards.
The door needed a bit of trimming to fit properly. One side is closed while I left the other side open a bit.

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