Thursday 7 November 2019

Throwback Thursday - A Boring Train.

CN X6007 West is cruising through London, Ontario on August 15, 1993  on its way to Sarnia. SD 40u 6007, built by GMD as SD 40 5084 in 1969, was upgraded to SD40-2 specifications by AMF in Montreal earlier in 1993.
By Peter Mumby.
In this instance, the phrase "boring train" is pronounced with the emphasis on the word "boring." In the featured photo, CN Extra 6007 West (note the white signals displayed) is operating as Advance 411.  The date is August 15, 1993.  Behind the two business cars are flats and gondolas bearing the components of the tunnel drilling machine "Excalibore" built by Lovat Tunnel Equipment Inc.  The portion with the largest dimensions was being transported in the fourth car, CN 670002, a high capacity well-hole car riding on four trucks. 

All of this equipment, of course, was en route to Sarnia, where construction of the new St. Claire River tunnel was slated to begin later in 1993.  The original tunnel, opened in 1891, was due to be replaced by a larger structure which could handle auto racks and double stacks.  Trains started using the replacement tunnel in late 1994, and the official dedication took place on May 05, 1995.  Since that time, the bore has been named the "Paul M. Tellier Tunnel" in honour of CN's retired president.

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