Thursday 21 November 2019

Throwback Thursday - Crew Change at Kelly Lake

BCOL 4611 South is holding the main at Kelly Lake BC on August 12, 2002.  With freight engineer Garry Chubb in the foreground, the Southbound Cariboo Prospector is just pulling out of the back track.  Everyone will soon be aboard, and heading for Lillooet.
By Peter Mumby.

With North Vancouver considered as mile 0, the passing siding at Kelly Lake is situated at mile 192.2.  A stub-ended back track also runs off the passing track, meaning that it is possible for three trains to meet at this location. 

On August 12, 2002, I was on site as BCOL 4611 South rolled to a stop on the mainline near the south siding switch.  The crew had run out of time, and a replacement crew would soon arrive aboard the southbound Cariboo Prospector, British Columbia Railway's Prince George - North Vancouver passenger train.  With Budd car BC-30 in the lead, the passenger train approached my position by the siding switch.  The new freight crew detrained and then the equipment reversed into the back track.  Apparently we were going to see at least one more train before this meet was over.

As a matter of fact, two northbound trains put in an appearance before the Cariboo could continue on towards Lillooet, its next stop.  Freight train BCOL 4620 North was followed by 1700 North, the Whistler Northwind tourist train.  The Budd cars then exited the back track, and the original freight crew climbed aboard.  Since Kelly Lake was a flag stop, I was able to get on with them.  My friend was willing to pick me up at Lillooet (MP 157.6), so this was too good an opportunity to pass up.

The Whistler Northwind lasted only a couple of seasons as a BCR tourist train.  The Cariboo Prospector made its last run on October 31, 2002, as all BCR passenger service, with the exception of a local school train, came to an end.  No wonder that I enjoyed my Kelly Lake experience so much!

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