Sunday 10 November 2019

Snapshot - November 2019

We caught a WB Amtrak train in the rain...we arrived just minutes before the train.
On our way home from the NERPM meet Don and I got some railfanning in between the rain showers. We normally follow the tracks from Rotterdam Jct. to Amsterdam, NY before getting onto the freeway. This time we had some extra time as we planned on staying in Utica, NY so we just kept following the rails to the next town, Fonda. At Fonda we found a few nice photo locations and a Subway which had a parking lot next to the tracks. So we had a sub for supper and watched for trains without being on anyone's property. To our surprise we caught more trains going by then expected...I don't even remember eating my sub...George Dutka

A WB at Broadway St. Fonda, NY. The Subway parking lot is right behind me.
Another WB just about 10 minutes later.

An EB from the Subway parking lot with a bit of sun peeking through.
The EB just over the crossing. We saw three trains there in maybe 30 minutes....not bad for an extended side adventure.

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