Friday 15 November 2019

Trainfest 2019 - Part 2

During our visit to MR Steve Otte explains how a MR feature layout was expanded.
Just a few more photos today of Trainfest...George Dutka

On an N scale diorama a good number of buildings are fitted with interiors. They looked really good.

A portable paint, weather and testing station which holds a lot of supplies.
A bar pad is used for a weathering surface at this workstation.
At my workspace I worked on weathering with PanPastel's. I finished two pieces of rolling stock and this AHM station while at Trainfest.
At the MR booth Video Plus was streaming live.
One layout across from our booth was this neat layout with everything made of paper and cardstock. These are building that once stood in Milwaukee in 1939 modeled using paper. That trailer is also made from paper.

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