Saturday 23 November 2019

Last Saturday's WOD Meet

That's Dave Harding our tour guide at the Komoka museum. It's Dave's 80th birthday also. Note that middle crest on his bag...that is the Jumbo Jamboree 71 NFR convention held in St. Thomas. Dave's covered a lot of ground over the years.
The Western Ontario Division of the NFR - NMRA held the second meet of the season. This time in the London area with Dick Walker and I opening up our layouts. We also had the Komoka Ry. museum opened up for us which is about 10 minutes away. The evening was a hands-on workshop assembling small details many had not tried before...George Dutka

Dave takes us through the shay outbuilding checking out all the railroad artifacts. Can you pick Peter out.
A Bar Mills fence assembled and stained. I had a paint and stain station setup for our group to try some newer products including PanPastels.
We had Bar Mills fences in HO, O and N scale for everyone to try assembling. Not everyone has ever tried these neat details. We had Osborn, FOS, Aberdeen Car shops, Tichy and Bar Mills details to construct.
I assembled a few Simpson's boxes in HO and O scale. Some are modeled open with crushed boxes stuffed inside. I got the idea when I could not get one of the boxes tops to seal properly.
One of our members has two Aberdeen boxes completed and a couple of Osborn barriers together.

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