Friday 20 August 2021

This and That August 2021

September 2021 RMC features Neil Schofield's really neat Vermont themed railway. Check it out.

 Just a few topics I thought worth touching on...mainly railfanning of late...George Dutka 

John Allen caught VIA 71 at Paris Jct on Aug 5, 2021. Boy that is a lot of smoke when the engineman opened it up...memories of Alco's.

A second view of John's visit to Paris Jct.

My GT boom car is coming along...ready for paint and decaling.

Thought you might find this 1940's view of  a store interesting. It was located in London, Ontario just east of the CNR Thorndale sub on the north side of Dundas St. It was torn down in the 1970's to make way for a Chev car lot. It would make a great looking model.

Don Janes and I spent Aug 16, 2021 doing a bit of railfanning. This is actually the first time we had spent any length of time catching up since the beginning of Covid. We got to see a lot of OSR on this day. We caught up with the St. Thomas job switching Putnam prior to departing for St. Thomas. Here we see the train departing with only one car in tow.

A really nice looking paint job and scheme.

OSR run from Ingersoll to Woodstock on Aug 16, 2021. The train is crossing the underpass in Beachville, Ontario. At one time this was a wooden trestle that really added to the shot.

OSR 1594 arrives at Woodstock on Aug 16 2021.

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  1. Neil has one of the best New England layouts, hands down.